ESY SUNHOME Residential energy storage system is a home energy storage solution integrated with an inverter and can be connected to the Internet, the power grid, and the mobile APP. The device provides electricity to homes and small businesses. You can select and seamlessly switch into normal, off-grid, economic, emergency, intelligence, or other working modes. You can also adjust the mode and run by Artificial Intelligence (AI), conditions apply manually according to different circumstances such as power grid, load, electricity price, energy storage level, and weather conditions.

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Revenue Monitoring
The latest power generation and revenue can be tracked through intelligent charts, and the data on electricity consumption and export can be monitored in real-time to maximize the efficiency of your home or business electricity consumption.
  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Stable

Push According To Usage Scenarios
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) mode can provide users with the best solution in real-time by combining the user's electricity consumption, climate conditions of the living environment, electricity price, and other factors.
  • Power consumption
  • Living environment
  • Climatic condition
  • Electricity rate
Dynamic Analysis
It can be operated in dual modes, off-grid and grid-connected, intelligently switch according to the grid, load, electricity price, and weather conditions, push AI mode preference settings to stabilize power supply and energy storage.
ESY SUNHOME started out as a lithium battery business, powered by cutting-edge battery protection systems and a proficient Research & Development team. The founder, Mr. Lee, recognized the shortage of energy storage choices available to households worldwide and was enthusiastic about combining photovoltaic energy storage solutions with lithium batteries. With this vision in mind, the team embarked on the development and testing of PV home energy storage products, forming an efficient, highly qualified team of Research & Development, manufacturing, and quality control professionals with distinguished backgrounds in various fields of technology. After years of intensive effort, the team successfully developed and tested PV home energy storage products, resulting in the official launch of the HM6 series storage system products on January 14th, 2023. ESY SUNHOME now has branches in Sydney, Australia and Munich, Germany, with a long-term objective of becoming a global brand.
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