ESY SUNHOME started out as a lithium battery business, powered by cutting-edge battery protection systems and a proficient Research & Development team. The founder, Mr. Lee, recognized the shortage of energy storage choices available to households worldwide and was enthusiastic about combining photovoltaic energy storage solutions with lithium batteries. With this vision in mind, the team embarked on the development and testing of PV home energy storage products, forming an efficient, highly qualified team of Research & Development, manufacturing, and quality control professionals with distinguished backgrounds in various fields of technology. After years of intensive effort, the team successfully developed and tested PV home energy storage products, resulting in the official launch of the HM6 series storage system products on January 14th, 2023. ESY SUNHOME now has branches in Sydney, Australia and Munich, Germany, with a long-term objective of becoming a global brand.
  • 2004

    ▪ Start-up in the battery industry

  • 2007

    ▪ Battery products: laptop batteries, 3C digital, power tools, home appliances, etc

  • 2011

    ▪ Research and development of various BMS battery systems

  • 2015

    ▪ LESY established (parent company of ESY SUNHOME)

    ▪ Design and supply lithium batteries for household appliances on a large scale

  • 2018

    ▪ ESY SUNHOME established

    ▪ Expanded business into PV industry

    ▪ Researched & developed affordable and innovative household energy storage systems 

  • 2021

    ▪ Expanded R&D team with professionals & distinguished engineers in the ESS department
    ▪ Tested & verified the functionality and reliability of ESS products
    ▪ Optimized manufacturing procedure and enlarge the production scale

  • 2023

    ▪ Launched HM6 series storage system products in January
    ▪ Established EU branch and AU branch

Energy Storage & EV Charging
Residential Solution
Commercial & Industrial & Utility
MISSION To provide safe and high quality new energy products for ever family.

01) Unity and Hard Work 

02) Pragmatic and Profound 

03) Innovative Research and Development 

04) Scientifc and Intelligent Manufacturing 

05) Creating Value for Customers 

06) Creating Opporunities 

07) Contributing to Society