Frequently Asked Questions
Q . How can I get help with equipment issues, and what's the contact information for technical support?
A:  For assistance with equipment issues, please send an email to Our professional technical support engineers are ready to help.
Q . HM6 is one-phase system, can I connect it to a 3-phase grid?

A: Yes, you can. The electrician can pull out L/N/PE from the 3-phase MCB.

Q . Can we use 2 HM6 system in parallel?
A: We don’t support HM6 parallel connection at this stage. As we are optimizing the design of HM12 (AC output power=12kW) and will launch late this year, clients can choose HM12 which will be a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
Q . Can I stack 8 batteries if we need a system with 40kWh?

A: We recommend Max. 6 batteries. Please also check the Installation Manual about the 800mm clearance above HM6.

Q . What’s the time frame for back-up to kick in during power outage?
A: Tests in factory have been done, HM6 can achieve seamless switching, within microseconds and you might not even notice the light flickering.
Q . Does HM6 support AC-coupled retrofit design?

A: Yes, HM6 supports AC-coupled design, can be achieved by either leaving the PV+/PV- ports unconnected or replacing the current DC-coupled inverter with our All-in-one system, which we highly recommend.

Q . Does my HM6 need regular maintenance?
A: HM6 is a maintenance-free device. The connection to Internet allows remote software updates.